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Kenny Chang, Craig Colorado


"My wife and I were worried that our E2 treaty investor visa would be denied due to our financial struggle from our business. Ms. Han helped our company with a solid business plan and our visas were approved. Her team helped us every step of the way and were very professional. I strongly recommend Ms. Han to anyone who is in need of immigration help! "

Javier Castaneda, CO Springs Colorado


"I went through so many Immigration lawyers who could not help me. I was living in this country illegally. Always scared I would be deported.  Christine worked with me for over a year, and she was always there to answer my questions. My waiver was approved and I finally received my green card. I am so grateful she was my lawyer. She will also help me get my Citizenship."

Wonchang Lee, Aurora Colorado


"My employment based green card was pending over 10 years! Then I received a notice that everything would be denied. My previous lawyers who filed for me could not help. I was so scared for me and my family. This was a very complex case and Ms. Han was able to fix everything. She was very knowledgeable in Labor Certifications and Immigration law. In 3 months, my whole family got our 10 year green cards. Thank you Han Law Group!!"

Terry Lynn Cox, Denver Colorado


"I needed a lot of help when I first met Christine. I had adopted my nephew and petitioned for his green card by myself. Years went by only to find out it was denied. Christine made the whole process very easy for our family. My nephew got his greencard and then his Citizenship with  her help. Best Immigration lawyer I know."

Marcelle Mbongo, Dallas Texas


"Thank you so much, Han Law Group, for helping my son get his Immigrant visa! The process from Cameroon Africa was overwhelming for my son, but your team was so understanding and patient. Your special attention for an out of state client made me feel very special. Thank you again!"

Rebecca Chapman, Seoul Korea


"My husband and I are forever grateful to Ms. Han. Thank you for being there from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable in Immigration law. Visa processing at the U.S. Embassy Seoul was a breeze, even with a criminal record. I high recommend her and her team."

Success Stories

Immigrant Visa after Deportation



After being deported for an Immigration violation, our client was able to receive an Immigrant visa through Consular processing. After Congressional assistance and expedited processing, the visa was approved in less than 6 months. Today, he is happily reunited with his family in the United States. 

Repeated denials at U.S. Embassy abroad



In a case of repeated Student visa denials, we successfully challenged the U.S. Embassy abroad. Our client was able to continue his studies in the U.S. and later received a H1B visa.  


Conditional residence complexity



In a case where our client's 2 year conditional green card had expired, which lacked proof of the marital relationship, our team was able to get a 10 year green card. Thus, we protected our client from any deportation proceedings initiated against him. Later, he received his Citizenship through our assistance as well.