Don’t Take It To Court. Reach Your Own Solution With Mediation

Why Mediation?

Taking disagreements to court can be a lengthy and expensive process – both financially and emotionally. With the aid of a certified mediator, you can reach a settlement outside of the court.

This not only cuts costs, it also gives you more control over the situation and gives parties the time and space needed to come to an agreement. Mediation is a chance for you to voice your issues in a safe environment with the guidance of a neutral and knowledgeable third party.

Mediation for Family Law

At Han Law Group, we will act as a mediator for any issues related to family law matters. This covers divorce, separation, custody, spousal and child support, division of property, and any other matters.

We understand that family matters can come with heavy emotional baggage. This is why we suggest avoiding litigation where possible and substituting a judge for a mediator. That way, it’s you that makes the final call.

Han Law Group Mediation for Family Law
Han Law Group Mediation for Business Disagreement

Mediation for Business and Contract Disputes

We also mediate business disagreements, contract disputes, and other civil matters. We have a vast knowledge of different areas of law and whatever the dispute is, we will help you find a solution that suits all parties involved.

Our focus is on strong communication and we will sit with you until you reach an agreement, no matter how long that might take.

Why Choose Han Law Group?

Christine Han is an experienced Mediator that handles disputes in different areas of law. She is a member of the Mediation Association of Colorado.

When you work with a Han Law Group mediator, you can trust that we won’t go home until an agreement has been reached. We will help you resolve or manage your disputes without having to enter a courtroom. We also have a knowledgeable team of interpreters and translators should you need mediating between parties who do not share the same first language.

We Look At The Law Differently

What Our Client's Say

Steven Keepers
Steven Keepers
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"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Christine Han! I came to her after having hired another attorney who was getting nothing done and I felt so anxious still having an attorney. Christine took my case and took over like the strong leader I needed! Immediately she got all the necessary motions and mediation needed for my case! She is so knowledgeable and really communicates with clients efficiently. I needed to feel a sense of confidence being my case was a custody case and she gave me that and more 100% and finally I got everything I asked for , full sole/physical custody of my daughter. I thank her and her team for truly dedicating their all to their clients! Forever Thankful! Will definitely only recommended her to anyone looking to hire a determined lawyer!"
Stephen K Merritt
Stephen K Merritt
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"I greatly recommend Han Law Group. Christine and her staff are very caring, professional, welcoming, and communicate extremely well. I interviewed several attorneys and did not get the feeling I received immediately from Han Law Group. I could tell that they love helping people! The law for common people is not easy to understand. Han Law Group guided me through the process step by step and was a partner to me. Christine and her Law Group are very responsive. This was extremely important to me in my case because I've never faced any legal issues before and I had lots of questions. Christine, with confidence completely answered all of my questions. That alone took my anxiety away and she handled my legal issues quickly. I'm very grateful for Christine's assistance with my case and If you have legal issues you need to start with her!"
Catherine Correa
Catherine Correa
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"I have been familiar with Ms. Han's reputation as a proficient immigration lawyer for years so when a co-worker of mine was charged with an unwarranted felony I referred him to Han Law Group. He kept me updated through the process and said the case was handled expeditiously and she prioritized his immigration status when dealing with the District Attorney. The final result, according to my co-worker, did not impede on his citizenship status or custody issues with his children. Everyone involved felt at all times he was represented by someone who advocated for the him to the fullest."
Cookie Ji-Hae Kim Larson
Cookie Ji-Hae Kim Larson
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"I had been in the process of trying to get my citizenship for almost 27 years. Christine helped me become a US citizen with ease! I loved working with her! She was incredibly professional, thorough, and was super on top of things! She’s very detail oriented so you know she won’t miss a thing. If I could I would give you guys 10 stars! Thank you again Christine and Han Legal team!"
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